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Every GI Who Invaded Vietnam, Iraq, etc. Was a Criminal By International Law & US Army’s Own Law

Memorial Day will someday mean a double mourning, a mourning for the violent deaths suffered by of millions of American military and a much more agonizing mourning for the deaths, maiming, destruction and suffering these Americans in uniform brought to … Continue reading

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Protest to Your Own War Criminals? Call for Their Arrest Prosecution Punishment!

Those intending to stop fellow Americans from continuing to mass murder in defenseless nations must no longer be silent about fellow peace advocates protesting ad infinitum to divert the rest of us from calling for the immediate prosecution of those … Continue reading

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Above the law: Leaders not held accountable for crimes

Atheists Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens want Pope Benedict XVI arrested and charged with crimes against humanity for his alleged cover up of child abuse in the Catholic church when he visits Britain in September, however with former British Prime … Continue reading

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